In 2021, we hosted the first ever Sustainable Building Week in San Diego.

14 unique education sessions, 260+ participants, and a future to look forward to.

This event-filled week creates a valuable cross-section between San Diego’s top sustainability and design organizations. We follow in Portland’s successful footsteps as they established the original Sustainable Building Week in 2018, with their mission to "improve cross-disciplinary education, connectivity and future collaboration to promote sustainable practices and design across the city of Portland and beyond", we work to address the beyond and create effective collaboration within San Diego’s green building and environmental networks. 

San Diego brings us close to the reality of the Climate Crisis with eroding cliffs, unending drought warnings, and the highest biodiversity of any county in the U.S. Working with the knowledge that our built environment contributes 40% of all global GHG emissions, the impact our community can ultimately have is immense.

Sustainable Building Week San Diego aims to create lasting partnerships between those who continue to advance sustainability, resilience and wellness in our built environment.